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Why study in the USA?

The United States of America is the world’s third-largest country. The country is larger than Europe if you exclude parts of Russia. Such a vast country, undoubtedly, has a very diverse lifestyle with people from around the world. Campus life in America is a unique experience, both culturally and socially. The USA also has many Universities that rank at the top in the global rankings yearly. These reputed universities strive for academic excellence with no biases for any international students.


The USA has high-Quality Education and excellent teaching-learning methodologies.


USA offers more than 1100 scholarships for international students at some of the top universities.

Best courses

The education system in the USA has immense flexibility and offers a wide range of courses.

The benefits of studying in the USA

America is home to some of the best universities in the world. The US academic system has high academic standards and excellent teaching-learning methodologies. These practices have allowed the US to consistently rank at the top for the best country to study after high school. 

In America education is designed in a way that students can find it easy to study. The education system has immense flexibility as it runs in a credit-based system. Each subject carries some credit along with it. Students can transfer the appropriate credit to fulfill the criteria of one university to another. There is plenty of time for exploring which subject you want to pick, as you will only have to declare your major at the end of your second year. 

The US has the world’s largest economy. It is without a doubt that such a country will have a lot to offer, whether it be in terms of education or employment opportunities. Many internationally known companies have their headquarters in America. This makes it an excellent place for job opportunities, especially in tech.

More than 1100 scholarship schemes are available to students at top universities. These scholarships are granted to academically bright or excellent students in certain extracurricular activities, which can provide the student with monthly expenses, insurance, tuition waivers, or even a fully paid international scholarship.

Students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours as their part-time job and full-time during their vacation. These jobs can be on campus, such as library assistant, guides, tutor, receptionist, or off-campus like, cashier, babysitter, fast food, etc. Pay for these jobs vary from place to place, with the minimum wage being 8 dollars per hour.


The United States has many natural wonders and cities that are well-known worldwide. The country covers such an area that it is impossible to travel across in a day or two. From snowcapped mountains to flat land deserts, the US has it all. Students can make good use of their time in the USA by visiting these wonders.

America is a diverse country. The country invites millions of international students each year who have come to live the American way. The fact is not gone ignored by the universities. Many universities conduct orientation programmes, workshops, and training to help students adapt to this new environment. The USA is an excellent place for a student to grow and develop.

The cost of living and studying in the USA

The USA is an expensive country for international students to study in. While the quality of education is good, this comes with a steep price. The average tuition fee for an undergraduate degree in America can cost anywhere between 30 thousand to 60 thousand dollars. This excludes the accommodation and utility costs, which can be around 10-15 thousand annually. The cost of rent also depends on the city that you live in.

The process of applying for a student Visa

Up the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application DS-160 form with proper information.

Pay the Visa application fee.

Schedule your appointment for the Visa interview and visit the US embassy for the interview.

All documents to be presented to the US embassy should be authentic and demonstrate robust documentation. Documentation includes:

Proof of substantial financial, social, and family ties to your home country. The US expects you to return to your home country after finishing your study there.

Documents stating that you are financially sound enough to be able to live in the US until the end of your study.

Photocopies of bank statements.

Academic documents: transcripts, merit certificates, public examination certificates, standardized aptitude tests, etc.

Proof of your sponsor’s relationship to you, their tax forms, bank statements, etc. (if any)

Qualification And requirement documents

Before applying abroad, students must appear for aptitude tests that examine their English fluency. A minimum band score of 6.5 for IELTS is required in the USA. Universities also require you to appear for intellect testing examinations such as SAT. Requirements for such tests depend on the criteria set by the university.

Essential records such as passport and birth certificate

Exam score certification for SAT

Statement of Purpose (SOP)


Letter of Recommendation

English language proficiency scores


CV or Resume

Mark sheets and pass certificates

Application confirmation copy


Certificates for extracurricular activities

High school diploma or equivalent

Proof of funds

Scholarship certification (if any)

Best cities to study in the USA

Boston (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University)

New York (Columbia University)

San Fransico (Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley)

Chicago (University of Chicago)

Los Angeles (University of California)

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