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Many people have a positive outlook toward students going abroad for further education. People believe that going abroad will help students adapt well to the global society and provide them with the expertise to compete. This is why the trend of many Nepalese students after high school is to apply abroad. Studying abroad is a challenging process. There is a multitude of steps and application processes for applying abroad. Even after such hassles, a student could have their visa rejected. But without a doubt, one of the difficult stages of being accepted abroad is the funds. 

University fees for students can be problematic. Scholarships are a way to prevent or help in the funding for your university studies. They are the financial support awarded to a student based on many criteria, including full-fee clearances, monthly grants, or partial fee waivers. These scholarships are generally provided by universities but could also be granted by social organizations. 

Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic achievements, extracurricular excellence, economically weak, or such. The funds granted from scholarships help waive tuition, accommodation, utility, and other essential expenses. 

Scholarships are a cost-effective option for students to study in universities abroad. While getting a scholarship is tedious, it is worth it if you can manage to secure it. Each country has set up scholarships for international students with their criteria. These criteria may differ from country to country but generally grant it for academic or extracurricular excellence. 

Based on countries, here are a few scholarships international students can apply for, with information on how to get them. Proper documentation and research also have to be done to see if the country grants scholarships to the students of your country. 

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Australian Scholarships are also known as Australian Awards. These Awards are prestigious and transformational, granting scholarships to talented students from developing countries. Australia hopes these scholarships help students shape themselves into a significant workforce for their home country’s development. Students are awarded scholarships for full-time postgraduate or undergraduate studies. 

Scholarships Provided by Australia 

  • Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships
  • Australia Awards Short Courses
  • ACIAR Fellowships
  • Australia for ASEAN Scholarships

Short-listed applications will need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia complying with the conditions of scholarships. Students are required to leave for their home country after completing their study term. Failure to do so will result in debt. 

Students can apply for the scholarships online or mail the hardcopy application.

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Canada provides a wide range of scholarships for international students annually. Nepalese students are no exception and can apply for scholarships granted by the government, universities, or other organizations.

Scholarships provided by Canada

  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (Masters and Ph.D. level)
  • National Research Council of Canada (Masters and Ph.D. level)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program
  • Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship
  • Humber International Entrance Scholarship
  • Carleton Prestige Scholarships

Students can also apply for scholarships from the official Canadian website or the state government in Canada. 

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Europe has many reputed universities and study institutions all over the continent. Similarly, thousands of scholarships and grants are available for international students. The type of scholarships awarded to students varies from country to country. 

Some of the popular scholarships in Europe are

  • Austrian Government Scholarship 
  • Czech Government Scholarship for Developing Countries
  • Eiffel Scholarships in France
  • Hungarian Government Scholarships
  • Dublin Institute of Technology Centenary Scholarship Programmee
  • Bocconi Scholarship in Italy
  • Amsterdam Merit Scholarships for Excellent International Students
  • GSE Scholarships in Spain
  • ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship Program
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

An essay for wanting the scholarship should follow proper academic reports and documents. Grants for the scholarship depend on its type. European universities might also require you to sign a contract based on their terms.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most expensive countries in Europe for education. However, the country also has plenty of well-reputed universities known all around the world. This also brings many scholarship opportunities for international students totaling more than 1500. These scholarships, on average, provide students with a monthly allowance of 2000 Euros. 

Some of the Scholarships in the UK

  • Chevening Scholarship UK (Fully-funded)
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  • Impreial College of London Ph.D. Scholarship
  • International Student Merit Scholarship
  • Queen’s Loyalty Scholarship
  • Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship

Most of the scholarships awarded to students are based on a student’s academic achievements. Some awards are also granted to students with excellent extracurricular backgrounds. These scholarships require a student to fill out applications and, sometimes, write an essay or submit research-oriented assignments.

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Pisa, Italy


The frequently romanticized travel destination is also a famous country for international students. Italy offers students a wide range of subject courses for their undergraduate studies. The country doesn’t have only food and art to offer; it has study courses and scholarships.

Some Scholarships in Italy

  • Italy Regional Scholarships 
  • Vesuvio International Scholarship Awards
  • The World Academy of Sciences Awards
  • Study Grants at the University of Bologna 

Academic semesters in Italy last for around 20 weeks but can vary from university to university. If you want a scholarship for Italy, the recommended time to begin the application process is 8-12 months before the intake.

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United States of America

The US remains an expensive study destination for international students. But many scholarship programs are available to students wanting to pursue their higher studies in this country of freedom. 

Scholarships in the US

  • Fullbright Scholarships
  • The American Association of University Women International Fellowship (postgraduate and above)
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship
  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  • Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University

Scholarships are granted by universities and countries based on their terms. The key to securing a scholarship for yourself is research. Most scholarships awarded to students have application procedures and open dates. Students may also be required to submit an essay followed by documents.

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